Error code 13-12 Calibration Sensor Abnormally Triggered

In my attempt to eliminate on going error code 13-12 (Calibration Sensor Abnormally Triggered) the filament spools flow was inconstant. To over comes this Frustrating Error on going error. Firstly (1) I removed both spools from the outside mounted case and mounted both inside onto the Z axis, this help to eliminated a build up dust on the spools. Secondly (2) I designed two 3D print filament spool guides, mounted on both Z axis. This worked very well, eliminating the on going error

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Hey, that looks awesome. Can you elaborate how you mounted the spools inside the enclosure and share your guides? Would love to move at least one of the spools inside the enclosure as it’s very hard to reach it for me.

Thank you very much

Image shows spool bracket mounted on the Z axis (inner side of both axis). I used M5 x12mm screw.

Glad to help.