Calibrating Snapmaker Artisan is failing

I tryed many times to calibrate (auto, sensor end manual) but it fails to produce a good result. See the picture attached. Can someone say what this causes:and what to do.

Best regards, Johan

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It is printing a tad too high.

Two possibilities: A) in the Calibration menu run the Sensor calibration, which will “manually” calibrate the Z-probes for the nozzles. Than re-run the Auto-Z-Offset calibration. Or B) While you run the X/Y calibration, swiping left get the on-the-fly-controls and adjust the Z-offset of the regarding nozzle carefully until the filament sticks. For me, L-nozzle on first run was too low, right nozzle on first run was too high. After Sensor-Calibration it was just right.

Thank you Hauke. I did try the calibrations but without a good result for the left nozzle. I will try the other settings of the on-the-fly-controls.

Apologies from my side on one thing: I ignored that it is an Artisan question, my experiance is with Snapmaker 2.0 dual extrusion module. But I guess it should be similar on Artisan.

I think it is is similar. The same options are available. Anyway, thanks.

I found the solution of mine problem. I use a Polymaker box for the filament spools. The filament is routed through a pipe, enters the enclosure en uses the standard pipe too the dual extrusion module. It seems that using the extra pipe outside the enclosure was causing too much friction. This was causing the warping of the filament. After reducing the friction (shorten or removing the external pipe) the problem was solved and resulted in a correct calibration.