Einige Drucke mit dem Doppelextruder des Artisan

I am very satisfied with the double extruder.

TPU also prints perfectly.


What print settings did you use? My machine can barely print in two colours


Would love to know your workflow. Whenever I tried the dual-extruder with anything other than support it messed everything up (lots of stringing and leftover filament on the next layer)

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These are my print settings for PLA Black and PLA White. For both, I also set the flow in Luban to 98% under material settings. I use the settings for TPU. With a flow of 96%. When loading TPU, I go to 245-250 degrees with the Nossel. Because otherwise I always get knots. I also always feed the filament into the extruder by hand to make sure it is properly inserted. Only then do I close the flap and operate the shutter.

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I always use the Prime Tower. I keep the withdrawal at PLA at about 1-1.5. When breaking PLA at about 2.5. With TPU at approx. 1.
Sorry for my lousy english. Google Translator. :cold_face:

I mostly use Luban. But I also use Cura and Simplify 3D. Every program has its strengths.

Settings for TPU in Luban

Two Pla Filaments.

I did some more playing around with my machine and I still can’t print in two colours (each extruder prints fine on its own.) Did you mess around with the retraction settings at all?

yes I do. in the pictures are my settings for Blue PLA from Polytechnische.

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