I love my Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module!

I love my Dual Extrusion Module !

I have a SnapMaker 2.0 350 fully updated to T standard with new Linear Modules, Build platform, new Power Supply etc.

Today I updated my firmware to V1.16.5 , reset the machine to factory defaults, and performed the full calibration sequence

I then opened the latest Luban 4.8.2 and I sliced the built-in case library file called ‘Gimbal’ , which is configured for two-color printing

I set the heated bed temperature to 80°C, the left nozzle to 250°C for Prusament Jet Black PETG , and 220°C for the right extruder with SnapMaker Breakaway support for PLA .

After 3 hours, the result was amazing !

There was only a little bit of harmless stringing from the breakaway PLA close to the prime tower