Egg Writer for Snapmaker Original Laser

I used the Snapmaker for laser writing onto an egg. (Designed for the Snapmaker Original only.)

Step 1: First I printed the three parts I published on Thingiverse.
Step 2: Reconfigure the Snapmaker Original:

  • a) Dismount the horizontal axis and remount it 2 screw holes to the left,
  • b) Mount the 1600 mW laser module sideways as shown below, (Danger: Laser class 4 pointing sideways now!)
  • c) Swap the cables of axis: original Y-axis in port 2, X-axis in port 5 and Z-axis in port 3. (Now the Z-axis is the main axis of the laser again.)

Step 3: Mount the rack and the pivot with the Snapmaker supplied screws and slide the turntable over the pivot.
Step 4: Prepare an image you like, e.g. in Inkscape. The image size is 100 x about 35 mm (one revolution = 100 mm). Now the X-axis is the horizontal axis, the ‘equator’ of the egg and the Y-axis is vertical.
Step 5: Place the egg (Use boiled white eggs.), position and focus the laser in the middle of the egg and the middle of the rack as origin.
Step 6: Print the egg! (at ~100% laser power)

(I used SnapmakerJS to operate Snapmaker because Luban 3.14 is not working any more:)


Impressive work. Thank you for sharing!!! :grinning: :grinning: :grinning:

I am going to pin this post at the top of the Showcase section.



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That’s awesome! The laser aiming straight sideways is terrifying though.

laser danger
Do not operate without an egg.