Pctpe 3d printing

Have anybody tried to print with PCTPE?

I have not. But I can say if you are going to try to print flexible filament, be prepared for some frustration. There is more information out there now days than when I tried to do this, but I never got it to work right, and I just don’t have the time to tinker. If you do, check this out:

This part allegedly allows for flexible filament printing. However, I was not able to get this part to work. It simply wouldn’t fit, and the pictures in the instructions were sub par, so I could not tell if I was even doing it right. I will say that I’ve put together a prusa, and do a lot of work with PCs and electronics… so while I’m not a whiz kid, I’m pretty decent at this sort of thing usually.

If you have the time to fuss, it is a worthy venture, but if you are like me (working 70-80 hours a week), then I’d save your flexible printing for a different platform…

My 2 cents…

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