Dual Extrusion Double Skirt

I have the Artisan but this is for all dual head printers.

Sometimes the printer prints a lead line + skirt (or brim or whatever you choose) for both filaments, but sometimes it only prints from the main filament. In my case, 1 of my nozzles is for support material, but since that nozzle didn’t get a skirt it missed about 15 seconds of the first layer. It seems to be omitting the second skirt on larger models - maybe because the small models don’t have time to get the second filament up to temp quick enough.

I specifically want to know how to tell Luban to print a skirt for both materials. (Don’t talk to me about helpers/prime towers). The “Build Plate Adhesion Type” under Initial Layer Adhesion is not available for a material marked as support. See below (Left Extruder is PLA, Right Extruder is breakable support PLA):

EDIT I can only put one picture as a new poster so Left Extruder image not included.

Left Extruder settings

Continuing this discussion today, this is my most pressing issue.

That initial single line at the edge of the bed that Luban adds to the gcode is only for your primary material. Between that and missing support skirt control, that first support layer is missing the first 5-15 seconds, even with some manual workarounds, and it’s ruining prints.

Snapmaker, if you’re reading this, we need precise control over the skirt/priming of the second nozzle / support material.

@parachvte, this was called multiple times in the forum and it is really necessary.
Any chance to get the second extruder skirt in a near future release, please?