Trying to use dual extruder in Luban - Not an option


I’ve just completed all the setup of my new Artisan and went to try a 3D model. I can set options for the Artisan to either use the left or right extruder, but not both. I was expecting that it could use both to improve print speed. Am I missing something?

You cant extrude out of both nozzles at the same time if that is what you are asking.

OK, so that’s just a misunderstanding on my part of how it works. I thought that was one of the ways they were getting improved print speeds over my A350.

So that leaves “Model”, “Shell” and “Infill”. How does one know how to make something that breaks apart or dissolves? Does that require a special modeling technique? Do you add separate models, and “attach” them in the slicer with each using a different print head?

Taking advantage of dual extruding takes two models to accomplish for the most part in my experience. You can use a variety of ways to split a created model in two using things like cut, slice, geo nodes, or other techniques using blender if you wish to. When bringing in that dual object to your slicer, you need to align, or group them. Select both models, and look for “Align” in Luban, or “group” in Cura by right clicking both the selected models.

For things such as dissolving support, you can bring in a model to Cura and set the model to extrude with Nozzle one. There is then an option to select which extruder you’d like to print support. Select extruder two for support and you can use your breakaway/dissolving filament. Unfortunately I have no tips for Luban because every time I attempt to go back to it, it is extremely lacking in terms of flexibility when it comes to creating fine tuned profiles.

Thanks for that explanation. Makes a lot more sense now. One of these days I will do more than just print other people’s stuff so I can actually learn how to use the machine.

Coming from a blender Fanboy, once you get over the initial mountain of learning Blender UI, it is an extremely helpful tool to make your own models, or even edit already created models! Best of luck!