Build plate Adhesion Options

I have tried today to change my Adhesion options in Luban. (I am running v3.5.0 and trying to print on my snapmaker original). I click Customise, Adhesion, and I see my current setting is Skirt but the drop down is greyed out and will not allow me to select anything else. What am I doing wrong? Any advice gratefully received.

You have to make and save a custom profile.
Hope this helps!


I created a custom setting and now I can see in the options, Skirt, Brim, Raft, None but it does not allow me to change it either.

Any other suggestion ?

Maybe this is a luban bug because of dualextruder and artisan.
@parachvte is this a known issue?

I have the same problem.
It looks as if all dropdown lists in Luban suddenly stopped working.

I was not able to edit the Skirt option … However, for my PLA I needed to increase temperature from 210 to 218… and that did it… It is amazing !!!
I am so happy with my ARTISAN !!!

There is a Luban update and I will check it out.

By the way, I did a review on the machine… just documenting the Artisan.

More to come !!!