Dual extruder - manual offset input

Anyone know where i can manually input the extruder offsets. Im using the ember prototype camera to set the offsets but can find where i can manually enter them either in the Luban software or on the controller? Anyone know?

It’s from the controller, while printing, press the gear to change setting then you’ll find it.
Such a bad location, you must start a print to do it.

Is this a one time change or only for that print. If it needs to be done every time that really isnt a valid solution and snapmaker needs to fix that.

I’m 99% sure you can manually input the XY-offsets and Z-offsets though the main settings menu without starting a print. If you can’t find it I’ll try and take some pictures when I get home. You’ll have to let me know how the camera works as I was considering getting one myself.

If you set it once it’ll stay like that until the next time you do a full bed calibration.

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Guess im missing it, i dont see where to input when im printing, or when im calibrating. Only option is z offset.

Camera works perfect, used on my Qidi tech dual head, just have no idea where to input the values in Luban or the control panel.

Found it…hidden deep in the menus…uggg, such a weird place to hide it.

I’m sorry I didn’t get the question properly, I thought you meant the Z offset calibration…
If you mean the dual nozzle offset calibration then that’s from the calibration menu, from the main screen of the controller when not printing…