Artisan Dual Extruder Offset Calibration


Does the Artisan have an automatic calibration routine for XY offset calibration like the J1? Or does it require you to print a line pattern like a lot of other printers?

Also - do we know how far apart the two extruders are?

Hi leonhart8888, I think Artisan is more like the latter one. After you’ve selected the Best Pair of Lines in the printed line patterns, Artisan will automatically calibrate the X and Y offsets of the two nozzles accordingly by making real-time compensation, as in the following graphic.

The default offset in the X orientation of the two nozzles is 16 mm.

Hope it’d be helpful!


Thanks Riskey! Where did you find this info and graphic from?

Just curious - do we know what the default offset value is in that equation?


The default X offset of the two nozzles is 16 mm. The info and the graphic come from the Quick Start Guide (included in the package), which will be available online soon. I know it in advance because I’m the writer :laughing:


Amazing thank you! I realize you wrote that info down in the last post but I just didn’t see it, sorry!

I’m actually asking because I use a tool for calibrating my other dual extrusion printers and wanted to make sure it would work for the Artisan - see here is you’re interested:

Thanks again!

Our PM said this tool would work for Artisan. You could give it try.

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Sounds good, thanks!!