Dual Extruder initial setup frozen

I would include a video but as a new user it wont let me post the video. On initial startup the lights come on inside the module, and then turn off. The initial setup comes up on the screen and once the leveling would start… its completely locked up, dosent move. Then gives the heated probing error result 1 after a couple minutes. Although one time it started counting up as if it was actually leveling the bed, but it still was locked up. I was hoping I could bypass it and get through it, but when it got to the auto-height adjustment it wouldnt do anything at all from there. It did something similar on my single extruder, it would go through the leveling by wouldnt the Z wouldnt move at all. Ive factory reset all settings with EEPROM and intstalled 1.15.23-26 and nothing has changed it.

Did your machine ever work before?
If you disconnect the toolhead, are you able to move (jog) the axis or home the machine?

Yeah the machine jogs and runs gcode on the single extruder, 10w, 1.6w, and the cnc just fine. It will home fine on all other components, but its completely frozen and locked with the dual extruder

Do you level your bed hot? - This would need some minutes to heat, in this time is the machine idle and waits for reaching temp.
A video would definitly help, maybe upload it to a oneclickhoster or google cloud…

One thing more, (if the machine does not home after powerup/initial setup, if you are connected with serial or wifi connection with a terminal like in Luban,) does the toolhead home correctly its hotends?

I do level my bed hot, but as its intial setup it wont let me start the leveling until after its either reached the temperature required or ive adusted it to ambient. Ive done it both ways, turned the heated bed down to ambient so it would start instantly and waited till its warm. Its never leveled itself at all hotend or to the bed. I am under the impression the module is DOA as the light inside the module turns off after starting but if you plug the module in while its running it stays running.

Cant open your link, it seems broken.

Try it now, should be fixed

So uh… i dont exactly have an orthodox solution but it is fixed

I guess the right hotend was stuck and cant home correctly?
Anyway, happy that it work now :+1:

I completely dissassembled the unit, checked a few things, and as it would seem something was shorting. It runs great now. But something on the initial startup seems to have been shorted.