Dual Extruder: Grinding When Unloading/Loading Filament

Anyone else experience this issue? Video link below. Right now only happens on right extruder.

Why didnt you look inside the door of the extruder while loading?

I did, just not in the video. No obvious signs of an issue. With filament loaded it does not make the noise.

Anything in particular I should look out for with the door open?

If you open the extruder door, there would be less clicking, i guess.
So, if you unload, as in your video, there comes the point where no more filament could be unloaded because the teeth of the gears couldnt move more filament. This means there is too much space so that it cant be pushed further, i guess the sound comes from the gear clicking on the filament end.

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Opening the filament door has no effect on the sound.

The filament is completely removed when the sound starts. This is repeatable. I’ve loaded/unloaded several times and the sound persists.

I’ll open a support case.

Try cutting the end of the filament diagonaly. This usually helps the filament to make it all the way down to the nozzle without getting stuck on the way.
Regarding the clicking while/after unloading, you could try pulling the filament manually from the rollside when the sound starts. If the sound dissapears, it means that @xchrisd was right…

I already cut filament diagonally.

What do you mean by feed it from the roll side?

The filament loads fine. It makes this chattering noise while its empty. The left extruder doesnt do this.

Ok. When reading the topic, I assumed the noise was also when loading…

I did not mean feed it, but rather pull it out a bit more (if you didn’t already do that?) so that the end of the filament is not touching the feedgear.

Sorry about that my original post could have been written better.

There is no filament hitting the gears. The sound turns on when the extruder runs without filament present. As soon as you introduce filament to the gear the noise stops.

The mesh of the gearing needs the spacing of the 1.75mm filament.
The gear mesh dia changes of the interconnecting gears that drive the rollers.

Basically “its designed that way” mine dose the same thing. don’t worry about it its just bouncing on the teeth with the pressure of the spring that holds it to the filament.

If that is part of the design then why does the right extruder do it and the left one doesnt?

Not trying to be argumentative, genuinely curious.

Both do it on mine.
Could be assembly tolerance. Particular gear mesh tolerance or spring tensions. Who knows. I know the two lifting actuators move different distances on mine but are of the same design.

But yeah the gears are designed with 1.75mm spacing needed to run correctly. Out of the optimal location gears can make more noise.

If you drop the fillimate loading arm and then run it the sound should be gone since the gears arent meshing

Esubmit support ticket here - Support Ticket Form

You are not the only one, no filament loaded clicking popping grinding sound from the right the inner roller will not move at all when you press unload, runs reverse with clicking popping grinding sound when trying to load unless you switch to the left nozzle then switch back, then it runs forward again with the clicking popping grinding sound. Hit the SM forum on Facebook and Submitted a ticket, everyone’s response so far is “Clean the hot end…” No filament loaded already cleaned out, its not the hot end its the internal gears… sitting at 36 hours waiting on Support after first go around and explaining each step taken on the trouble shoot… So yeah I feel your pain…

I wish I had one broken to take apart and see what’s up.