Dual Extruder/ A400

Hey, desperately keen to get the dual extruder, and it’s been in luban for a short while, and now the A400 is being added, so are you going to release the two together? If so then when?

Please release the dual extruder As-Soon-As-Possible and the A400 can wait :wink: Or release both next month and make everyone mad/happy…


Yeah, I’m really hoping they release the dual extruder for the A350 now that they are launching the Artisan, which comes with dual extrusion.

Can’t wait and I really hope they don’t hold it back to get more Artisan sales…

waiting for that too
don’t want to see the price but hyped xD

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You know the price will make you wince… but if we cared about being sensible then getting a different IDEX printer makes most sense. Desperately keen for the dual extruder :slight_smile: also the cartridge style nozzle swapping looks cool, kudos