Dual Extruder and Prusaslicer

@takeota that print looks amazing, would you care to share your latest prusaslicer profiles? You can do so by going to FileExportExport Config Bundle With Physical Printers….

Note that if you have an octoprint host set up, it’d be good to remove the API key from the exported file before sharing.


Hi, @nivekmai. Here is my current setting.
PrusaSlicer_config_bundle.zip (7.3 KB)
This was made with ABS in that setting.



@takeota thank you very much for you settings. :slight_smile: good job.

Snapmaker A350 with dual extruder, quick swap.

I had to change bed dimensions from A250 to A350 only.

Settings works perfect. Most important is switching extruders over the purge tower.
I used/tried many slicers so far. Starting from Luban, Cura, Orca, Netfabb.
But Prusa has painting ability :slight_smile:

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Prusa failed me in one thing: I printed an object with the 0.2 mm nzzle, but for support used the 0.4 mm nozzle. Prusa complained that it cannot create a purge tower for different nozzle diameters. Cura had no such problems.

Hauke, did you perchance figure out settings for Cura? I’ve been holding off installing my dual extruder based upon all the problems folks have been having. I can’t afford the work stoppage to start from scratch!

Just used the existing profile for Cura for SM2 and added a second extruder - done.

Thanks Hauke

On the other hand, Cura has fine temperature control and I am very excited about the upcoming wipe tower blim option, but the lack of material painting feature is disappointing.

Hey all, was just going through a print and realized it seemed bed leveling was doing nothing. Then I realized my start g-code that I posted doesn’t have anything enabling bed leveling.

I believe M420 S1 just needs to be added to the start g-code, will test this tomorrow as my print is probably fine without it, but it explains the bed-leveling issues I’ve had since getting the dual extruder.

It seems Luban/the calibration models have some sort of “Ooze Prevention” mode where they drop the temperature, just as PrusaSlicer does. Wondering if anyone knows if Prusa can be configured to do this proactively, before the extruder is finished (The calibration models do it with really good timing and have it cool down before tool change which really cuts down on oozing)

Hi @Tyler.Hartwig, did you end up testing this? I am very much a noob when it comes to printing but found this on the official Snapmaker G and M code command list snapmaker.github.io/Documentation/gcode/M420
G28 disables bed leveling. Follow with M420 S to turn leveling on, or use ESTORE_LEVELING_AFTER_G28 to automatically keep leveling on after G28

However, noting the above, I did also note this comment on the forum, which can be summarised as the M420 S1 is enabled on startup:

Thus, potentially, if I understand it correctly, your mesh should be enabled after a machine startup, however, if your GCode has a “home” in it then you need to enable the mesh again. Your test may have proven this?

My start g-code indeed does have a G28 in it! good find.

I did notice an improvement in bed-adhesion after this, I didn’t do any formal verification to determine the actual position outputs were different or anything like that, but I would say it can’t hurt to turn it on twice! so I would recommend it if you have this setup.

I am thinking the same. So to be clear, and for anybody else that finds this in future, we suspect that it would be good practice to include M420 S1 after any G28 code has been issued, wether that is in start GCode, custom filament GCode or anything else.