Dual Extruder and cura settings

I am trying to run some tests as I get calibration prints fine but as I slice in Luban the sample project it keeps sliding along Y axis. What should be the settings for a Cura profile?

Printed two xyz cubes using an extruder each and I got this result

Lots of Y shifts and looks like leaning tower in Pisa. Also some shift on the X axis. The machine moves too much even at slow speed it has hard start and stops , lots of acceleration compared to previous head and firmware

This is xyz cube only with right extruder

This is to compare with same settings but doing left and right extruder at the same time

Did you update to the official dual extruder version or the beta with anti ringing feature?

May you share your M503 with us?
You could set your acceleration to a lower setting, this helped in earlier machines with less skipped steps.

Be aware, there are many people which bricked the hand controller by upgrading to the latest official firmware.

I used the firmware from the firmware download section in this forum. Right now all is good as I rolled back to last official version and using the old print tool. The dual extruder is in the box waiting for the Snapmaker engineers to get back from holiday

What’s the firmware version: V1.15.11 or V2.0.7? What’s your machine model?

1.15.11 the machine is 350 AT