Don't you hate it when

You’re 54 hours into a 72 hour print and this happens…

That was a bit of support structure that apparently just wasn’t strong enough.

Should have printed it on its side :wink:

I would have superglue the support back in place and kept going… not like it matters if there is a small shift in it :smiley:

If you’re stopping the print and scrapping it, are the models brittle? Seems like something’s wrong for that to happen. Poor layer adhesion, too low of a temp, underextrusion, something… Even single walled supports like that should be able to take a bump without breaking, otherwise printed vases wouldn’t be as popular as they are.

Just mention that because if you need to restart it’s worth checking some of the basics quickly before wasting another couple days making :spaghetti: if something is wrong.

is that a single object or three separate ones?

@Atom, I actually tried supergluing the support back on but I couldn’t get it lined up close enough and it was just starting to make a mess so I killed it.

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@brent113, the models don’t seem brittle at all. It was just the support structure that was just a single layer wide, I actually noticed a bit of breakage in that structure earlier but it looked like the support had been able to “paper over” the break and keep going so I let it go and that was probably what weakened it enough that it finally broke.
You can see it in this picture looking down into the support.

I’m thinking I need to go back into Cura and see if I can add more structure to the support structures :slight_smile:

@sdj544, it’s two of the same object (The Night by Harald Sörensen-Ringi)
with a support structure between them.

@ITmaze, probably should have but I was concerned that on it’s side I’d have more support material in contact with the print and it wouldn’t separate as cleanly. The slicing of this looked like I’d only have support contact for the very uppermost part of the print

You can also try adding a tiny zhop so the nozzle doesn’t collide

You know there is a plug-in for cura to determine the print orientation that requires the least amount of support.

Also maybe just try adjusting the support flow multiplier up a little. And slow the infill speed down just a touch. Should be one of the advanced settings in cura. It looks to me like the support was just a touch underextruded.

@buzzplop, what’s the process for doing that? I think that may have been the issue earlier on where the head might have slightly clipped the support as it transitioned across

@Atom, I did not know about that cura plugin. Have to check for that and play with those setting you suggested. But for now it’s back to CNC and the cribbage board project for a bit, want to get that done before Christmas

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If you’re using Luban you can access it under ‘Retract & Z Hop’ when creating a custom profile (by clicking the ‘+’ icon next to the profile name)

If you’re using Cura I presume you know what you are doing :stuck_out_tongue: