Do not buy this complete and utter garbage

I was barely able to perform one 3D print on my Snapmaker 2.0 A350 when I encountered the Y axis issues so many others have. I contacted support and after a week Edwin finally got back to me and had me troubleshoot the travel with the laser platform. I have not even attempted to use the other modules as the bed is unreliable. Now it’s been over 2 weeks with no response from support. NONE. I have emailed several times asking for an update and even emailed EVERY address asking for a refund of the A350 and the Enclosure I bought with it. Silence. No offer to send replacement parts, no followup after the 4th. I’ve had this garbage for just over 5 weeks, 4 being down waiting on support and having it sit uselessly.

These machines are garbage, don’t waste your time or money on them.

Update, support has FINALLY agreed to send me 2 replacement linear modules and replacement enclosure doors (as the polycarbonate has been warping away from the edges). I’ll update again once I have the replacement parts. Hopefully the other 2 modules, laser and CNC, will function properly.

Moral of this story? If you did buy an SN2, keep on support, relentlessly, only then do you have a chance to have your unit repaired/faulty components replaced.

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Hi there.

When did you receive you A350? With issues in the Y-Axis you mean the “Bump”? I am trying to get a replacement also due to those problems.

The “bump” as others have called it, it when one linear module moves faster than the other and creates a grinding motion and sound as it moves. For me, this was during the bed leveling procedure. After going through numerous alignment checks from support, I finally convinced them to send me TWO new linear modules to replace the 2 out of “sync” I currently have. It took half a dozen emails and a month of time, but after berating them 3 times to send me a new pair, they (supposedly) finally relented and sent them this week. I’ll know for certain if they were sent, I hope, before the end of the month, or at least, before the end of next week.