DIY Snapmaker Davinci Structure!

Now with the Snapmaker Davinci Structure you can engrave on your desk、bag、trunk…any other ‘Big Thing’!


  • Snapmaker aways talking about the extensibility of the machine. But I have not found a Good Refit which is easy to build and powerful so far. Lots of idea, the other structure of snapmaker, is hard to achieve since the users have to change the marlin firmware.
  • However, this morning I saw another laser machine which can engrave picture on any surface since the benefit of mechanical structure then I came up with an idea. How about build a another structure of Snapmaker 3IN1 3D Printer. Make it can engrave on any surface. Most importantly I want the new structure is easy to build ! - User friendly.
  • DO NOT Change The Marlin firmware! Let most of our users can enjoy the fun of DIY !!!

Let’s do it!

  • Z axis is not working on the Laser engraving process. So, we can use Z axis to do something.
  • Theoretically, The No.4 and No.5 port of Snapmaker circuit board is defined as the ‘Z’ and sending the data at the same time. Thus I put 2 axis down and connect them to No.4 & No.5 port, then connect another axis between them and connect it to the No.2 port.
  • Now, to make a DIY version of Snapmaker we don’t need to change the marlin firmware. Only thing that we need to do is use a text edit software to change the Gcode. Change ‘Y’ to ‘Z’.

Another challenge is that HOW TO FOCUS?

  • After lots of tests, I find out it is easy to find the focus by attach the foot of base plate to the liner module!

One more thing~

  • The liner module of this machine was 3D prints printed by Snapmaker 3IN1 :smile:. Yes! Snapmaker 3IN1 was born a son who can do better than his father at laser !
  • Snapmaker Davinci Structure. Paint on everywhere !
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How can I print my own linear module and get all the necessary parts?

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Thanks for the link. Where can I buy the linear parts and circuit board from.