Any good CNC and laser engrave how-to videos that relate to Snapmaker?


So I currently have a Prusa MK3, and I’ve been 3D printing for a year or 2. After a family member offered to buy V1 at full price, and half the price of V2 if I wanted it. I am now getting into CNC and lasers within a week or 2 when my V1 comes in.
The problem I’m finding is there isn’t much out there teaching how to use a CNC on a snapmaker. Even more, how to do 3D relief work. Does anyone know of any good videos that could help? Even more how to use the machine with Fusion 360?


The Snaplinks page has many useful references, including links to Fusion fro Beginners tutorials see SnapLinks -- Wiki

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Not exactly customized to Snapmaker, but here’s an Instructable I made for laser engraving with my last machine.

I think a lot of the concepts might help you with some basic understanding, and you might get tips on software that could help. I chose to go with simpler software, rather than some of the more fully featured stuff.

I’m eager to see how the SM differs.



We just posted a video about how to use the laser engraving feature on the Snapmaker 2.0. It’s basically a start guide for laser engraving on the second gen device, but some steps should be applicable to the first gen as well. Hope that helps.
Link’s at


Thanks. One of the things I’m having a hard time figuring out is what settings I should use in both the CNC and laser. I don’t have my machine yet since there was a day delay, and it might become a lot easier once I get it. But, it’s hard to find too many resources talking about things like speed settings and what not.


Have a look at this new guide… it has many great settings


This is nuts. Why doesn’t Snapmaker create its own 3D/modeling app? I’ll never figure out how to use this other crap. I realize I’m stuck with a machine I’ll never be able to use.


Do you mean something like Fusion 360? Like where you build a model?
Not too many companies does that.

If you want to make your own model, then look at Fusion 360 or blender. There is plenty of YouTube videos that.


@Beelzebub time and patience, you can learn. There are NO simple modelling applications, you still ave to learn. Snaplinks has links to Fusion 360 Tutorials. I was a complete newbie when the SM1 came out and I read, tinkered and learned. I have made many parts on Fusion 360



Once I receive my SM2, I will be creating a YouTube channel revolving around the machine and more of my endeavors.


We look forward to it… have fun.