DIY Rotary Attachment

Looks nice didn’t expect it to work so good :+1:t2:

I like this design very much and I already ordered most parts for it. I was thinking about changing the side brackets to a version to allows for different platforms (thickness). Something with a swivel and a spring to ensure sufficient down force on the platform and where the two linear axes are also mounted on a swivel to they will always position horizontally. Good exercise for getting me more familiar with Fusion 360 :wink:

I’d really like to modify your project to be able to use it on my A150 but I have some questions, sorry if stupid… :slight_smile:

Does it works with any object even if with different circumference?

I think the motors are the same on all the SM 2 isn’t it? That could means that to modify your project for my A150 I “just” have to use one side bracket and a shorter tubes? mmmmh…

You could probably just change the 3 holes to a bigger slots like this, and then slide up and down as needed, then tighten. I have added this to the instructable with this as an option, but haven’t tested it.


I don’t know how this would work with the A150, sorry. I think the limitations on the circumference is whether or not it will fit under the laser head. I’ve only done a few smaller objects like the tumbler. The laser is not strong enough to do glass or engrave a rolling pin, I don’t think. I don’t have anything larger than that to test.

Its DIY so think about and make it :wink:
Here is a older thread for the original:

Just to confirm, it will work with any diameter without modification, the round top moves at the same speed as the round bottom for the object and the wheels. You need rubber wheels so there is no slip on the board or the bottle. The gears idea would not turn the object.

Thank you so much man!

Hi AlienWorkShop
that is awesome an I have ordered my hardware.
One question I have is how do i get ride of the lines as per the photo attached your work looks amazing

Simple yet effective. Nice job! Hey, do you know what font Snapmaker uses? I have looked and used very similar ones but I couldn’t find an exact match.

I do not know the font name. I used a similar one, but can’t remember what it was called. I’ll post if I find it.

Change the fill density.

thanks will be trying it this evening

hi AlienWorkshop,
stupid question were do i find the fill density
below is all i can find

all sorted thanks guys have found it

What you have done here is pure genius using the bed to drive the rubber bearings. The engraving output quality looks outstanding. Great work.

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Thanks for sharing, great and simple solution.
Which Laser settings (speed and power) did you use on the Bottle and the Mug?

Hi AlienWorkshop thanks for posting the plans of your unit my attempt using a old road sign :rofl:


Sweet! Looks like it worked out great!

I use jog speed of 2200, and work speed of 100 to 120. Fixed power of 100.