DIY A350 enclosure

Hi all, I have made a diy enclosure, my question is does anyone know what type of cable is used to connect the lights and fan to the connector module so I can switch on - off from the control panel

Hi MalcolmEveson,
thge lights and fan are connectet with simple 2wire cables. But they were connectet to a box thats part of the Snapmaker enclousure and that box is connectet to the controller. Hope this helps

You don’t really want to do this.
You’re much better off with a physical switch and a separate power source.
With the SM enclosure you can’t have the lights on unless it’s powered on and you shouldn’t be swapping heads and unplugging things when it’s powered on.


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Thanks for information, I will contact snapmaker support to see if I can buy the enclosure converter and power cable, I will be able to wire the lights and fan myself. :+1:

Have a look at octoprint, it has the feature you want

Were you able to purchase the enclosure converter and power cable separately?