Disappointing Artisan experience so far

Has anyone else had the worst experience with this roll out and the quality of the “upgrades”?
I will start with I Love my 2.0 A350. That said:
First my device was shipped and was delivered in a different state according to tracking. Reported “Lost” by the shipper. Nearly 2 months later, I receive my Artisan on 12 April.
Put it together, first run the Z crashes the bed and calibrates the bed by scrubbing the nozzles against the bed. Realized this can’t be right, stopped, pulled all cables and reinserted. Now it seems to know where Z is, but print nozzles are blocked. Clear the print nozzles, but still cannot print. Can load filament, but now there is a pin problem on the 3d module for the right head.
Support taking a week to respond and now I want my money back. I ordered within 15 mins of announcement on 8 August. This has not been worth it and I can’t see continuing on with a snapmaker. the support has gone downhill significantly and I am very displeased.

Having an identical experience. Enormous, non functional artisan. A month of tech support
Still won’t calibrate and the tech support things to try getting more absurd with none being effective

Im kinda feeling the same. Have had nothing but problems, right when i think something is resolved something else pops up and is causing me issues. From poor design like the rotary module cable being way to short for the Artisan to constant right extruder filament runout or pulled error etc. The issues go on and on. Im not new to 3d printing or lasers, but this has been a tough journey so far. Support tries to help but the delay in responses and solutions is insane for such an expensive printer. Now i have a squeaking rail module i need to sort out that im sure will take another couple months to resolve. Yep not feeling the Snapmaker right now!!