Anyone Happy with Artisan

i ordered a full package with air purifier and all the gizmos.
I was in the assumption that Sanpmaker is best in function and quality for hobyists for the price tag.

Now i started reading the forums and im unsure about my desicion.
Many have Problems even with the dual extrusion 3d print unit what should be the baseline function imho.

Im thinking about to cancel my order and get something else.

So just for my disicion making:
Is there anyone out there who is pleased with his artisan and has everything working so far?


Im currently trouble shooting mine by running one extruder on a print and then I will do the same on the other. For me, it hasn’t been easy and has been a source of anger since it failed on my first print at 98% and then it’s been rough… I also figured for the price tag I would finally get a plug and play printer without having to gut or mess with it. If this works out and it isn’t either extruder, it could be the module which I don’t know what to do at that point. Maybe the tech isn’t there yet or I got lemon parts or all these new support filaments aren’t worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin getting it on… I want to love this machine but for the price and what I’ve personally been through, I could have just bought another Ender 5 plus and gutted it and done that all over again and still saved money.

I’ve seen plenty of people happy as can be with it. That’s why I’m trying to figure out why there are people who have such success and then there are people who want to throw it out a window…

I haven’t gotten a single 3d print out of mine. Been on support since it arrived and had one contact with them. I can’t get them to respond no matter who I contact (sales, marketing, support, info etc.). As others have noted, waiting 5 months past delivery promise has expended my patience and I would like resolution. Unfortunately, I preordered in August and cannot dispute the transaction as it was over 6 months ago, otherwise I would be getting my funds back.
I had great experience with the 2.0, but the Artisan has been a disappointment so far. Sorry I can’t share a positive but just my experience I would cancel and Bambu.
Edit to add: Can’t speak to the CNC and Laser functions of the Artisan. If it can’t print first… The bed seems more stable than the 2.0, so CNC SHOULD be better, and the laser is the same as the upgraded 2.0 I have, so it SHOULD also be as good as before.

I’ve only had learning curve issues. This is my first 3D printer. I know, jumping in the deep end with no floaties. Other than my newbee status, I’ve found the Artisan to be an incredible machine. Well designed, with very good materials in the components and incredible packaging. The communication in the delivery was a bit spotty, but my unit arrived safe and sound. The build was very easy and enjoyable.

I’ve 3D printed and learned a ton and have finally made successful prints. I’ve used the laser and have made several successful engravings and have made several successful CNC engravings as well.

Overall, I’m happy and impressed with the Artisan. YMWV (Your Mileage Will Vary)


So far iam happy with the artisan.

Did some laser, cnc and 3d printing projects. Came out nice.


CNC and 3d print:

3d print, the knob was supported with breakaway filament and it was very easy to remove the support. Clean surface after removed support structure:


Cnc in action:


Thank you all.
Im still nervous but i think ill give Snapmaker a chance.
They have a good reputation overall.

I hope they will come up with solutions so that everybody will be happy in the end.

I really hope they can fix all those problems like Mikes.


Got my Artisan roughly 4 weeks ago. It’s my first printer so I can’t compare it to others. All in all I’m very satisfied with the product and the prints. Only tried 3D printing and laser cutting as of now.

The only thing I’m missing are good ressources about calibration, slicer profiles, etc. When searching you’ll find a lot of ressources for the 2.0 or the single extruder which may (or may not) be applicable to the Artisan.

Same for some GCODE commands found their reference side. Some seem to work only on the 2.0 and not on the Artisan (at least for me). One example would be M117 which should display a message on the LCD or manually triggering and running a bed level with G1029. Whenever I tried it the Artisan did nothing :frowning:

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Don’t bother they are junk and when you try to return it they just give you the runaround bad company with bad products

Still getting the runaround when trying to return this junk machine trust me don’t waste your time and money with the Snapmaker Artisan

They aer junk i have been trying to return mine all i get is the runaround bad customer service and poor quality products

As a kickstarter a350 buyer, i can tell you that i have gone through a lot…

it depends on what yo u want to do exactly.

If you are wanting to only do 3d printing, don’t do it. if you are genuinely wanting to fiddle with the other modules, and only if you want to actually use more than one, you might enjoy it… if you are patient and willing to spend a LOT of time troubleshooting and upgrading.

3d printing is kind of tricky as it is, but there are so many problems to overcome. the support is not great, its a real crapshoot about who has the good experiences vs the bad, they tend to stop caring about your machine when they have a new one, fixes to major design flaws addressed with new hardware are sold at a premium (with very low availability and long lead times), and you are going to need to be relatively handy in order to make the machine better.

with that said, if you dont mind a learning curve, ar emechanically inclined, and have the patience of a saint, it can be a cool machine. when it works correctly.

the best part about the brand is the forum. we have a lot of people who are skilled, creative and helpful working together to make things better. ive been missing for about a year and am finally ready to dive back in and if it wasnt for the forum i would have burnt this thing years ago.


I have been love mine. I got it at in the middle of april and been printing non-stop. I was nervous with seeing the forum and the facebook group. And i have had some failed prints. Most of my failed prints came from filament hangups in my sunlu filament dryers. I repositioned those and it fixed most the problems. The other problem i have had is i make sure to clean the print surface regularly with alcohol wipes.


I’m like you and jumped in with no experience. I’m very happy so far having only been doing 3D prints. I think the machine is amazing but I so far have only used STL files in open source. I want to start making my own things for repairs of broken components, I’m not really interested in making toys and vases. I think this machine will do it.

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I am actually doing a 3D scan of a broken keyless entry fob for my wife’s Toyota Landcruiser and then will attempt to convert it to stl and see if I can print it myself.

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Hello, I am using mine mostly for 3D Printing for 2-3 Months an absolutly Love the machine. The Control Software (Luban) isnt that great. But all in one I think its really great.
About 3D Printing when the Software sets on the Heated Bad I havent any Problem with the Print not sticking to the surface the Speed is stunning and I never had a Dual Extrud related Issue.
Best Regards


I ordered mine last year in december and it took a long time (almost 6 month) for delivering but i knew about that and accepted it.
Last week (18.May) i got mine just in time for a long free weekend and it took me half night to install and build up everything including the enclosure. Everything looked very nice packaged and the build qualitity is outstanding. The first demo print and the first benchy printed perfectly fine with the filament which came together with the artisan.
Then i printed some other files (osVAC - Adapter from thingiverse) and it failed because the pei coated glass has problems with the adheasion although i tried print with 20 lines inner and outer brim.
I bought some 3d printing glue spray and now i can print almost everyhting with plas without problems. The printing quality is very good, just everything takes long time to print.
But everytime i try to print out more then one part no matter what i do my prints fail everytime when the print is about 80-90% done and i have no clue why.
So i stick on printing all my parts one by one.
The real printing time, the estimated printing time of the artisan and the estimated printing time in luban differ a lot and when i use prusa slicer instead of luban i can save almost 50% the time while the print still looks excellent.
This is a bit annoying and should be fixed.
I have not used the other modules, laser and cnc because i switched to a bigger nozzle 0.6mm and so try to reduce the long printing time a bit with the bigger nozzle. And the estimated printing which are calculated are completly wrong, also the time when i send a file to the printer is wrong. This definitly needs to be fixed.
But so far i am still happy with my artisan and i hope that software will get optimized soon or later. I count on snapmakers developement team.

its probably difficult to see but the estimated time in Luban says: 2h51m
the time when sending this gcode to the machine says: 5h19m !!
And the time on the file is completly wrong although the machine is connected with internet, i dont know how to fix that, yet.

Using prusaslicer instead of luban can reduce the printing time drastically while still getting good results. But i need more practise in how to do the right settings.


Regarding the unexplained fails at 90%, try printing and installing “the wedge”.
Just search the form for the wedge and you’ll find it. It’s a plastic piece that snugs into the extruder to prevent accidental spontaneous extruder opening that can sometimes happen and give a failed print for no apparent reason.
It’s a common problem unfortunately since previous snapmaker models and is still there.

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Mate, I’VE JUST GOT ASK, did have any first time calibrating bed leveling issues e.g head slamming into print bed and slide grinding.

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Well, got mine a month ago, printing one color is good and nice, however the dual printing (pretty much the reason i bought it) is consuming me. No prints work, one or both nozzle(s) always clogging, no matter the settings.
For that price tag it’s horrendous. Didn’t test out the laser or CNC till now.

Sooo. I was able to print in the dual, mode, somehow (for black PLA with Neon-yellow) it helped to increase the retention speed of the gears, somehow it stabliized everything.

Another issue for me, playing around with settings - i’m trying to print rather detailed 12-sided cubes, as that has worked very well on the original snapmaker (and other printers), but somehow the artisan with the dual head cannot get overhanging lines correctly, always leading to “free pocks or fibers” standing off instead of the details taht were put into the file. that is on stock settings for normal and fine, alternatively playing around with wall thickness, speed for overhangs and so on.

The red one was from the original Snapmaker, the signs that are affected from such stringing are on the lower half of printing direction.

the upper side is good :slight_smile:

anyone else experiencing this issue? Does somebody have an idea for what to search in the forum to mitigate this issue? :slight_smile: