Dimensions of svg image not as original

Dimensions of SVG image not as original designed with Corel Draw and saved as SVG file, while using SNAPMAKERJS 2.4.3. This was not happening with last version of Snapmakerjs 2.2,2
Please suggest remedi

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I was able to solve my problem by selecting drawing dimensions to little bigger than object, in coledraw before saving as SVG file.

I hope this feed bak will help those who are creating vector based objects.

I think its a general problem, it happen with .png as well.

something the =y should look in too, you cannot change the picture size from the software, the size as to be set as you like in the original picture. ( I have to do alot of back and fort between the software and Photoshop to make me a rule for now.)

100pixel 300 dpi is approxi 1 cm

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The workaround I did to get “accurate” engravings was to actually set the size in the snapmakerJs tool.

Even when I wanted to engrave at the center of the stock (the super original laser-marked wood dice), I created the 6 .pngs by exporting images in Inkscape, and these images included the “padding” around the numbers.

In the end I got everything centered and it was also easier to set the origin (just positioned the laser at the 0 x/y corner).

I did something very similar with CNC with similar success (but instead of png, I used the svg directly)

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I am not able load all SVG image as seen on the screen, when load G code. My image has lines and circles, which is correctly seen when i load SVG file. But when i load the G code it only shows lines, missing circles. When laser engrave only lines are engraved correctly, not circles, I am using Snapmakerjs 2.4.3. Please guide,

Which tool did you use to create the SVG? If the file can be shared, that will help people to troubleshoot it!

I’ve noticed that depending of the features used in Inkscape (I guess one of then was layers) it will add/use “non-standard” elements in the svg code. Then, this .svg file will not work properly in Snapmaker. To solve it, I think I opened the .svg file in a text editor (notepad++, atom, brackets, vs.code, etc… but no word processing tools like Microsoft word!) and “clean up”/extracted the actual shapes out of it.

This was my experience with inkscape, but I guess other tools may also add its own metadata/special/custom stuff into SVG and break things in Snapmaker.