Did Xfer via wifi get moved or dropped

I was able to xfer via wifi before I upgraded Luban to the latest. now I cannot find it. I expected to have the option after the gcode was moved to the workspace but I can’t find it. The gcode files are relatively small.

They haven’t changed anything about the workspace.
Maybe you’ve minimized that panel?


here is a small example

I am not seeing the button nor am I seeing anything that is minimized.
but please correct me if I am missing something.

Should be on the right. Can’t see that part of your screen.


the first screen shot shows everything I have on the right.
what version number do you have and what os.

I am on windows 10

It’s obviously cutting off the right side where it says “User Ma”
Can’t remember how to resize windows windows. I’m on mac.
What does it show under the “window” menu. Can you go to full screen?
Grab the top of window and drag to the left?

that is not the issue. I just didn’t snip the entire window

That’s not the window that wi-fi transfer shows up in.
That’s the 3d printing tab.
The workspace is where you find the wi-fi transfer.
Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 11.11.11 PM
Generate g-code → load g-code to workspace → select the workspace → connect to your SM → send to device via wi-fi

thanks that found it