Device Not Recognized

Every time I start the connection with my Snapmaker Original I get the message “Device Not Recognized” and I have to choose my printer from the shown images. It would be o.k. when this happens at first use but every time is not nice. Can you repair that bug?

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Me too. I updated the firmware, installed the new Luban and have the same issue

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That’s strange. When I had the same problem for me it was enough to update everything.

Just tried Luban to see what it was like. I found the same problem.

Yeah I too had that problem for awhile, I had to keep telling it my machine. I think I reinstalled luban to fix it, i don’t recall now.

+1 on this topic: I have NOT updated Luban NOR the firmware of the machine recently, but in the last week my 2.0 A350 has started always stating that it does not recognize the machine when I connect over wifi.
WTF changed?!? Would appreciate someone from SnapMaker chiming in and giving some insight into how this issue can occur and/or troubleshooting suggestions. May attempt re-install but hate having to fix issues without understanding the root cause…

Hi, this problem could be firmware related. I’ll submit this issue to the R&D team and reply here if something new.

I doubt it is firmware related because the problem occurs before a connection between Snapmaker and the PC.

I have Luban updated to 13.5.2, I have the latest firmware installed for my A350, and I am now presented with having to choose my device type and module every time I connect. This just started happening today.

This happens sometimes… There is a little conflicting information about the source of the problem, but I think a factory reset can help. Not sure its worth that. Its thought that the firmware isn’t reporting back the model for lubans confirmation.