Converting a photograph to a laser cut paper picture

In GIMP I separated the basic areas “Flower” and “Background” of the original photograph to different layers.

Then I used the “newsprint” filter (lines) on both of them seperately. I repeated it for the center of the flower.

In order to keep the paper connected, I had to manually change some of the result. Also some lines were to fine for the laser (or my skills), so I also manually made the lines wider.

To make it look more “organic” and not so technical, I used (also in GIMP) the “Whirl and Pinch” filter on the flower, used the “newsprint” filter again and whirled the result back in the opposite direction.

In order to generate the paths, I used Inkscape. The SVG files from there I used to cut the colored paper.


Now you just need to do individual layers/sheets for the petals so you can lay them on top of each other and get a bit of a 3d effect (maybe even, oversize the background and mount the flower on top with some standoffs to get some real 3d pop effect going)

Hi there;
Two questions for you.

First what setting did you use to cut the paper?
Second do you have pictures of the final product it sounds interesting but I’m having difficulties visualizing?


Truth is, that you see the “final product” in the lower left corner. It shows the papers on right stacked in the right order. Hope that helps… (I used it as a greeting card, that I gave away. So I do not have it any more to take pics.)

And sorry, I do not remember the settings. It was probabely something like 600mm at 100%. But you will have to try according to your paper thickness.