Controller suggestions

Once a print has completed or canceled, the Stop button should change to “Start”. Many times when a print doesn’t get started cleanly I have to stop and then restart it. It would be a little bit faster to just be able to hit a “Restart” button.

Could the controller be made to slow down the cooling fan when it is just kind of idling? It might be able to automatically go into that low power mode after a certain amount of idle time or perhaps by a menu selection. Of course it would come out of that mode once servo control resumes.

Could there be a mode where you can remove the SD card and reinsert it without having to power down?

And of course the most requested feature: a “Pause” and “Resume” ability to change filament or to insert encapsulated components or similar actions.


You really should make the controller completely compatible with OctoPrint. It works with just a couple of quirks. When OctoPrint selects a file to print that is on the SD plugged into the controller, it prints but looses contact with OctoPrint.
When OctoPrint is controlling the printer, the touch panel should just turn into a status like display, Replace the buttons that normally display with additional status information like any messages that OctoPrint might be sending it to display. There should be some text there that say “OctoPrint is in control

It should support these commands:

  • M117 Set LCD Display
  • M31 Print Time
  • M73 Set Print Progress
  • M115 Firmware Info

And there are probably others.


I think the cooling inlet vents for the Controller cover are too small. They should be at least the same size as the outlet and in my opinion a little bigger. Don’t know if they are located to help the flow be directed to the highest heat generators but that could be a consideration too.