Constantly disconnecting machine

I have used my snapmaker 350 for a few weeks had nor problems with the connection. Since this morning Luban is constantly disconnecting and I’m not able to take pictures anymore. Restarted everything even got back to luban 3.12.2 . No effect so far. The machine has fulll wifi signal indication. Are there any other people experiencing this sudden change?

I too have been having this problem. I have the 250 and it seems like every time I’ve gone to use the machine there’s some sort of connection issue, or the machine cannot be found, or the camera capture doesn’t work - it’s never been a smooth “turn on and use” process. Although recently (I’ve been trying to use the laser engraver) the machine connects to my laptop, but only stays connected for a few seconds and then disconnects. I’ve done some troubleshooting - updated software, reconnected both the machine and the laptop to the wifi, forced reload, restarted my laptop, restarted wifi router, and there’s been no change. Still unable to maintain a connection. If anyone does have any info to solve this issue PLEASE let me know.

Same thing here. Does anyone have a solution? WiFi is constantly available.