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So here’s a question that I need to know… I’m considering buying the SM 2.0. And I have a desktop in the office. However, I will be putting my SM in the garage. That being said how does the snap maker operate? For instance do I need to have my computer plugged into it while it’s operating, does it work via wireless (Bluetooth, WiFi) or does it operate with a usb drive? Thanks for the help

No need to keep a PC connected all the time unless you want to control the machine directly over serial. You can send gcode to the internal memory over wifi, and then control everything from the touchscreen. You may need to reconnect to wifi on the controller or authorize the connection from time to time though. I actually ended up leaving a spare laptop in my workshop with the SM to send files across.

Other options are USB transfer (although you have to leave the drive connected), or something like octoprint (which is just a computer connected to the serial port all the time).

Make sure you’re happy with the WiFi signal where the SM will live. If it’s spotty, you’re not going to be happy. Monoprice sells a 49ft / 15m USB cable…

I’ve also read that printing via WiFi requires hitting a button on the SM? I only have a v1, so I didn’t pay a lot of attention.

Get Octoprint on a Raspberry PI and you have full wireless access to the printer…

I bought this and am very happy: EZPi Pro V2 - Plug and Play Octoprint Setup - TH3D Studio LLC

Thanks for all the great info!!

@clewis the usb your talking about, I can just run that basically through my attic to the garage to the printer if I choose. that way I’m hardwired and don’t need to worry about the other ways everyone else has mentioned? Thank you all again for the GREAT INFO MUCH APPRECIATED

50’ / 15m isn’t a lot to go up to the attic, over, and back down. The ethernet runs I’ve pulled through the attic are usually in the 75-100’ / 25-33m range. I’m also not 100% sure it’ll work, because it’s an “active” cable with a signal booster. But it’s not expensive: Monoprice USB-A to USB-B 2.0 Cable - Active, 28/24AWG, Black, 33ft - , so maybe it’s worth a try.

Actually… I could really use a longer cable myself… but not that long.

I just load the files to a USB stick and go out back and plug it into my SM 2.0. No need for wifi or a computer to be connected.

Some cases were reported that the machine cannot connect to Wi-Fi automatically after you reboot the machine.

Our software team has developed a beta version to improve the wifi connection.

Users who want to try this version, please send me some feedback.

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