Controller disconnecting

I’ve had a couple of failed prints now where the controller disconnects. The controller has an error which asks you to reconnect, but then when it tries it won’t do it. Just presents the same reconnection screen.

Only way I’ve found to cure it is to turn the machine off on on again. Which mean I can’t restart the print.

Anyone else experienced this?

No I have not suffered with that issue. Maybe it’s because I send my prints to the controller to print, via wifi using Luban and don’t rely on a usb or the pc to manage the print. How are you sending your prints to the controller as maybe using a different method is causing your printer disconnect (if your pc goes into sleep mode).

No, this is whilst the controller is controlling. I don’t use of control for that reason.

Anyone got any ideas in this?

What your are referring to as the Controller, is not the Controller, it is the TouchPad. And by connect, your are referring to a WiFi connection, not a USB connection, correct? This has been covered in many other threads, but if for ANY reason the WiFi disconnects during a print, the print will abort once you touch the Ok button on the popup.

How do you stop this from happening?

  • Don’t use WiFi.
  • Disconnect from the WiFi connection prior to starting your print.

There are no other options available.

No, I am printing direct from the handheld controller. I am not using Wi-Fi. The controller is disconnecting from the printer and will not re-connect.

I send the print from my computer to the printer controller. Then I print from the uploaded print ion the controller. No computer connected. On long prints, the controller disconnects with a warning that says disconnected and an option to reconnect, however if you select that, the machine just crashes and you have to turn it off at the power pack.

I have not seen any other threads about this.

In order to help you, we need to be using the correct terms.

There is no handheld controller. There is a TouchPad that can be hand held, and it can only be connected to via WiFi. There is no other way to connect to the TouchPad. The TouchPad plugs into the Controller, as do all of the Modules. You can connect your computer to the Controller by using the provided USB cable.

Given what is stated above, how are you doing this? The only option not discussed thus far is via USB Drive, where you write to it on your computer and then plug it into the USB slot on the Controller.

Does this mean that you are using a USB Drive?

What are the exact words on the TouchPad? Do you have pictures? If so, please upload them.

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I’m assuming file is being loaded onto the touchpad via WiFi and then played locally? Doesn’t matter as nothing should be crashing. All roads here point to contact support. Either something needs replacement or they need to fix something in the firmware.

“The controller is disconnected” is the error I get. Whether this is the controller or the touchpad I don’t know. It’s only what the machine is telling me. The touchpad is connected to the controller via the USB cable. But since the touchpad is still displaying I can’t imagine it is that connection that is disconnected.

There is no Wi-Fi involved. I upload the prints to the machine so they appear in the database on the touchpad and then start them from the touchpad. I have never run the prints from a computer over Wi-Fi.

I don’t have pictures. Tbh, I haven’t tried any bigger prints since last time it did it because I’m just wasting material and wanted to get to the bottom of the issue first, but I will take some when it happens again.

Seems like this is not a common issue so maybe it’s my specific machine.

I’ll try the last failed print again to see if it does it again.

@Bullet-Point ok, you just confirmed that you are uploading the files via WiFi to the Snapmaker. What you are describing is exactly that, though for some reason you don’t understand that.

When connecting to your Snapmaker from Luban, you are either doing it over WiFi, or USB cable, there is no other option. This being determined, when the WiFi connection is lost during printing, the print in progress will abort. This is a known issue, and there isn’t anything that can be done to change that.

How do you avoid this issue altogether?

  1. Do not connect to your Snapmaker over WiFi. Use a USB Drive to transfer the G-code.
  2. If you do upload over WiFi, disconnect before printing and stay disconnected until the print is done.
  3. Do not attempt to connect to the Snapmaker over WiFi while printing.

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I’ve had this issue before. 30% of the time, it would actually resume, sometimes I could unplug the touchscreen and plug it back in to keep going, most of the time I had to turn it off before it would work again. It got bad enough for me, I contacted support and they sent me a new touchscreen and it’s been fine since. They mentioned there was a batch where the usb connector was slightly too short causing problems.


I would agree with you that this is not a common fault, in fact I don’t recall ever seeing this issue before. There is a much more common issue that people have been experiencing due to a firmware bug where if a computer is disconnected from the Snapmaker during a local print job, the printer will error in a similar way to how you described. I believe @CNC-Maker was trying to clarify whether it was this issue as it is relatively easy to avoid, especially as text can be very easy to misinterpret when the language around a machine isn’t standardized, as I’m sure you know.

As for your issue specifically, I’m guessing there’s something going wrong with the communication between your touchpad and your controller, which may mean that one of those two are defective. You might be able to sidestep the issue by running from luban via the USB connection, which can allow you to do larger prints again while the actual issue is being fixed, and if you still have a similar issue it would confirm that it’s a controller problem. As @brent113 said above, you should definitely contact support as if this is a touchpad or controller issue, it may require a replacement to be fixed.

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Thank you all. I will look into the touchscreen USB and contact support. That gives me a starting point.

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