CNC tool marks with V-bit

I am trying to do a simple silhouette in relief and have gotten the basics to work but am having trouble with my edges. The carving Vbit is leaving tool marks along my edges. I am not using fusion360 as I intend to sell what I am making which is a breach of licence. I am using scorchworks dmap2gcode ( to generate my G-code. Can anyone tell me what setting I am missing to get the tool to do a run around the edge to clean it up or recommend something else free that can generate the g-code from an image. Or if snapmakerjs can do any tips for making that work I couldn’t get it to do the relief images, just cut outlines. ps sorry cant get the image to upload.

Hi, sorry that I don’t know much about scorchworks.
I think that you might be interested in watching this video:
It shows the process of generating G-code files for relief carving using ArtCAM.