CNC-tapering a part cut out using the laser

I have a plywood part that I need to create whose perimeter needs to be laser cut but it has a taper on one edge that I want to mill with a V bit. I can easily do the perimeter laser cut, but I’m struggling to figure out how to get Luban to only mill down the taper and nothing else. I know I’ll have to do it in two operations (once to taper one side and the other to taper the other side). Does anyone have any pointers on how to accomplish this?

I’ve given up on using Luban. I think I have Fusion 360 doing what I need. Luban’s support for STL files in 3-axis machining is horrible.

You should submit a ticket with this to push the development -

As for fusion360, check here GitHub - shurushetr/awesome-snapmaker: Curated list of things that help you make something awesome with Snapmaker machines.

Lots of stuff for making it work.

I did manage to get Fusion 360 to do what I wanted, but I need different bits than were included with the Artisan. Namely, I’m going to try a bull nose end mill; the flat end mill was chewing up the plywood too badly. Bull nose end mills are not easy to find in a 1/8" shank size but I did find some for a decent price.

Where did you find them? had the best price. I also found them at for three times the price.

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The bull nose end mills did the trick. I got a really smooth taper; you can’t even tell it was done by a CNC machine unless you look really close.

Hit us with some pictures, c’mon :slight_smile:

This one shows you the piece and the context. This is on a model rocket. The fin alignment jig was 3D printed on my Artisan by customizing this Thing: Parametric Model Rocket Fin Alignment Tool by Justblair - Thingiverse. I wanted a bit more taper than that, but the plywood got awfully weak once the bit hit the center ply to any considerable depth.

That’s awesome, thanks for sharing!
Functional prints are the best :slight_smile: