CNC router bits

Can Snapmaker Original CNC router use 2.0 bits, cause it looks like you can’t buy them any more ?

Your collet size bits can be found on Amazon/AliExpress, if SnapMaker did drop them Amazon does carry the Originals still but Id outsource a little so you aren’t without in the future, I’d bank on things being phased out for SnapMaker 1.0 going forward.

Many thanks, but does the aftermarket ones have different shank lengths to the originals ?

I have CNC bits that came with the Original, and those that came with the 2.0, they look almost identical.
The shaft (straight bit that gets held in the chuck) is maybe 1 mm longer on the originals, but the cutter shape is slightly different so hard to tell.

Original bit on left, 2.0 bit on right.

The original should take standard 0.125"/3.175mm bits, so any off amazon should work. The difference in the bits you picture are the one on the left is a cob cutter bit, good for roughing and quick cuts. The one on the right is a single flute up spiral, good for removing material out of a cut and finishing.

Good to know. I just picked those two as they look the closest for a photo.
The other two bits I have for the original are V bit and something that looks identical to the Flat End Mill from the Snapmaker 2.0. (though that’s in the CNC head on the machine at the moment, so I couldn’t take a photo easily)
According to Snapmaker the on one the right is a Ball End Mill (as per the box it came out of), but I have very little knowledge, so have no idea what the difference is to a single flute spiral? Do the same bits have more than one name/description?

Ball end means the end is rounded.
Flat end means it’s square.
If you’re doing reliefs or curved surfaces is when you want a ball end.

This may be helpful:


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I’d say it was packaged wrong, it’s not a ball end mill. The standard 5 that come with the 2.0 are these:

Which is left to right, a 1/8" two flute up-cut flat endmill, a single flute of the same, a 1/16" single flute flat endmill, 1/8" two flute ball endmill, and a pyramid engraving bit.

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Thanks for that folks, very useful!

With my 2.0 I seem to have the 1/8" two flute ball end mill and 1/16" single flute flat end (mis-labelled).
For my Original I seem to have 1/8" two flute ball end mill, cob cutter and pyramid bit.

I’ve only just started messing with the CNC, never used it on the original at all, just started on the 2.0, so I have plenty of bits between the two.