CNC bit replacements

I’ve been using the 1.5mm x 12mm but from the 5 pack offered in the store, but ended up breaking both of the ones I had (one on accident and one during a job) and I can’t find replacements anywhere.

I really don’t need the other bits from the 5 pack. Does anyone know where to buy just the 1.5mm x 12mm single flute flat end mill bit?

Amazon, ebay.
There’s nothing special about the SM bits.
Just need to have 3.175mm shaft.
Unless you get a set of ER11 collets. Then you can use bits up to 1/4’’ diameter.

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1/8" shank mill bits is the term you are looking for,

same size dremmel uses. is where we buy mill bits at work, not that they are cheap or anything. just convenient.

Square End Mills - MSC Industrial Supply (

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But don’t use actual dremel bits! (at least not the regular ones that you use for a handheld dremel. I think they do have a cnc machine too)

Found the 2 brands that I’ve been happy with for cheap bits:

Note that you’ll need to look for size and shape that you want.

thats true you have to make sure it can handle the high speed, cheap dremmel bits will bend in half if you have them going too fast!

Thanks for the info, but I’m specifically looking for the exact one in the 5 pack. I bought some other 1.5mm x 12mm double flutes and the cut on those is worse and off somehow. So I need the single flute spiral and I’m having an incredibly hard time finding that one anywhere else.

what are you trying to cut

not that you wana buy if from here but

are you talking about a router bit maybe?

Spiral Router Bits - MSC Industrial Supply (

engraving bit perhaps?

Engraving Cutters - MSC Industrial Supply (

so your search terms for this should be 1/8 shank, hss (high speed steel) + whatever type you are wanting specifically based on comparing to the results up there

you can get carbide too but thats a lot of money for not much reason on a machine of this size.

I’m cutting puzzles out of 11mm thick Aspin.

I bought these as a replacement:

But those seem to be cutting rougher and the puzzles pieces do not fit together smoothly like they did with the one in the 5 pack. Takes a lot of sanding down with these.

I looked at your links and can’t find a match for 1.5mm cutting diameter and 12mm cutting depth. All I know is the dimensions above, single flute and 1/8shank. The link to the 5 pack is:

The one I’m looking for is in the middle of the picture. I’ve combed amazon and amanas site with no luck finding a match. For now I’ve switched to the 3.125 cutting diameter, which works as well, but wastes more material and I have some pieces I can’t cut due to the larger diameter.

1/16" cutting diameter x 1/2 (15/32 is closer) length of cut is very close to that.

unless you want to buy 5 packs from snapmaker id probably say adjust a little bit but thats my opinion,

length of cut is not super critical in most cases either, you can probably go 1" which is more common afaik. but i am more familiar with a bit larger sizes more than these little guys.

i dont know where you are geographically but there is not a great deal of metric tooling in the USA anyhow.

Theres just some typical sizes on bits available on the market for easy purchase, certainly not impossible to find the exact match you want, but its quite a chore over very little difference

Finally found the exact match on amazon after finding something else close, shipping time is painful though:

Also found these, which i went ahead and got b/c i think i can get away with 2mm:

I’ve played a little with the bits I initially bought as a replacement, but for whatever reason, I just cannot get them to work correctly. I’ve tried telling luban that the bit is slightly smaller than 1.5mm, but that doesn’t seem to help.

I just know the bit style I was using worked great and the puzzle pieces were a bit snug, but they still fit together immediately after cut and removal of tabs. But the initial replacements will not fit together immediately after cut and removal of tabs without heavy sanding.

I’ll have to do some research on different bit styles/purposes.

I don’t know if I’m making sense.
Japan is a metre, so there are many different ones.
Do you think this is a good substitute?

That’s an up-cut bit. The chips are pushed up during the cutting process. For a better surface finish, choose down-cut bits. They’re not as good at chip removal as up-cut bits, but they shear the surface downward during a cut, leaving a cleaner cut line.