Best place to get CNC bit sets?

Hello. Looking for a good place to get a set of CNC bits similar to the Snapmaker ones. I would just order those, but the shipping is more than the cost of the bits… I looked on Amazon, but couldn’t find a good similar set. Thanks!

Something like these? Or are you looking even cheaper

Hi, I bought several router bits at Ali Express.
There are a whole lot of bits, cheap but quite all right for our jobs expessially when U are practising.
Think about 10 dollar for 10 bits
The only thing is, you have to wait for delivery.
So I order them “far” before I need them

Yes, exactly.
But in the netherlands wher I live, thea are not more expensive as among 10 to 15 euro
I am very polite with them.

I saw these, but I wasn’t sure if they would be OK. I don’t see the V bit and didnt know if that one was super important

You can get the V bit from our online store now.
Straight Groove V-bits for Snapmaker 2.0

This is the brand I use. I have a few different bit packs of thier’s. They’re cheap, but they actually work really well. I’ve used and abused them with no issues. Just make sure to use a caliper set when building the tool profiles. The sizing isn’t quite exact. (ie: 1mm flat end mill = 0.98mm).

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For fellow Aussie makers, Makerstore has a reasonable range of bits and collets suitable for the SM at reasonable (for Australia) prices. Good quality (at least for hobbyists - I don’t have a micrometer to gauge the tools), and shipping is fast - a few days at most to metro locations. And most importantly - you can get the library files for Fusion360 so you don’t waste time creating custom tools.

For anybody in the US looking. I did manage to find the Snapmaker set at B&H Photo.