CNC Pathing Above Work Origin

I designed a simple circle with a rounded box in the middle of it in Fusion 360.

Followed multiple tutorials for setting up the 2D Contour settings, and viewing the simulation everything looks perfect.

I postprocess to gcode and send it to my machine via Luban. I load my material into my machine (2.5mm acrylic that came with the machine). I then set my work origin to the middle of the arcylic and just slightly above, little amount of tension on the calibration paper.

Once I start the job the mill moves up and basically cuts in the middle of the air. It’s like the machine wants me to set the work origin Z on the bed height not the top of my stock. But every tutorial I look at, even in the paper manual sent with the machine, has them setting the work origin on top of the stock.

Here is my gcode: gcode link
And here is my fusion 360 file: fusion 360 link

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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After looking at my gcode versus some basic gcode generated straight from luban I can see the difference now.

My gcode is being placed above Z0.

I guess I am missing something in fusion 360 and maybe not all printers set Z0 to the stock height like snapmaker expects?

While I feel like I could delete this now I will suffer the shame of the simple fix so in case anyone else has this issue they can find the answer.

In Fusion 360 make sure when you are generating your setup that your origin is somewhere on the top plane of your stock/model. My origin was aligned to the bottom of my model causing the Z numbers to go up instead of down.


Glad you figured it out.
I think that’s the trickiest thing when starting with milling from fusion.
Dealing with model heights vs. stock top vs…
You have to make sure you change how you think about things as far as it being a subtractive process where you’re taking away material from a piece vs. 3D printing where it’s additive.

Having the same problem. Can you show a screenshot of where you originally had it and where you put it so it worked?