4axis Chess Knight

Hi All,
I have new A350 with 4th axis. I’m trying to carve Chess Knight (from Case Library). I’m not able to carve his neck and ears. I tought it’s method: Linkage vs Rotary but it doesn’t help.

Thank you very much for any advice.

The simulation does not show through cuts, even in linkage mode. You can look at the toolpath simulation to see if it’s cutting those areas. It’s part of Luban’s limitations, their simulations are pretty bad.

It seems you’re right - can’t rely on visualization. It’s carving and ears looks much better.
Thank you very much.

Awesome, post a picture when it’s done. :slight_smile:

I’m much more satisfied about it. Next time I’ll try different tool than default V carving bit and this will be absolutely perfect.

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Definitely looks a lot better! I do wish the epoxy cylinders were cheaper/easier to get, they do carve fairly well. $20+shipping for 3 is eesh, especially with how easy it is for something to go wrong.

Maybe see about getting a set of tapered bullnose bits, I bet the results would be awesome.

Awesome, thank you for tip.
Don’t even talk me about price of material. It’s crazy. I found there is option to buy circle stick 60x1000mm of wood. So I’ll probably will work with it. Tyč pr.60x730mm BUK | www.ason-vala.cz

I’m new here and each tip is very welcomed.
Thank you very much.