Cnc carving of a face

hi, thought i would ask people who have used it, using a photo - want to do a person’s head in cnc on 2D pine… as i have noticed different depths with basic stuff (so i am assuming it is related to gradient (color) and is possible to have various depths showing different features of face… (is that right?)

anyway, what settings would you recommend?
this is what i think

material soft pine
work area 150mm x 150mm
carving V bit
target depth 3mm
step down 0.1
density 5
work speed 720

you guys have more experience :slight_smile: so any advice greatly appreciated

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hmm, no reply, could some one give an idea?

You could have a look at Vectric PhotoVcarve. They have an unlimited free trial period so you get to see whether it would suit your purposes before you commit to buying it. I cannot tell you anything other than it costs $149. The Vectric name is well known but because it is a Windows platform software, I have not bothered to buy it or try to run it in virtual machine on my Mac.

I gave you a link to a discussion of exactly what you asked for.


sorry, my mistake, i thought your reply was another question :face_palm:

looking now

hi there, have finished the print (sorry it took so long) i wont do it again, as i realise how perfect the photo has to be, hope this helps someone :grinning:


Looks great!

I suspect that if you make the image grayscale and then tweaked the contrast so you still recognise all the elements, you’ll end up with something with more detail.

You’re seeing colour in the photo, but all that the wood has is shade.

Keep at it!

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You also might want to see what happens when you invert the image.


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thanks guys, i think if i was going to do it again, i would crop the image to just the heads and a little of the body, and paint brush the blanket and pillow to be a solid, i was amazed at what i got (luban really did well) and it taught me a lot about why pictures are so hard,

thanks for the feedback guys