CNC 3D printed pictures

Hi Folks … I wanted to use SnapMaker 2.0 to create 3D printed photos in wood. For example to have the background of the photo be inset into the wood deeper compared to the main subject like a person, that would “stick out” of the photo, but haven’t found a way to create that using the software that SnapMaker provides. Does anybody know of existing software which I could use to achieve such an engraved effect using photos?

Haven’t gotten mine yet so no experience yet, but also looking to do this and found an interesting and informative article:

Hope this is of some help.

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thanks sdj544 … good find … I’ll have to watch through the videos to see if there is a working samples that I can play with.

You can try Cura. I believe they have the feature that you need. You just need to play with the settings of thickness and dimensions and such.

Found this website:
Not CNC but some really cool options. Can’t wait to finally get my A350 to try it.
Wondering if you can take the file that’s created and convert to paths for cnc.



I found this software that creates gcode from stl files. For example, I gave it a 3D model (256-bit greyscale image) of the surface of the moon that I wanted to CNC engrave in a 2cm thick piece of softwood. I was trying to follow the instructions located here:
However, I haven’t had much success as the Snapmaker Luban software doesn’t recognize the generated gcode.
Has anybody had success doing something similar using Snapmaker software or other similar free software that’s available?

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