Sources for CNC bits?

What’s everybody’s favorite source for CNC bits for the Artisan?

In particular, has anyone ordered from The Carbide End Mill Store ( I’m trying to find bull end mills (NOT ball end) for doing some fine milling of thin plywood (I’m finding that a square end mill causes too much collateral damage). I’ve only found this place and one other ( that have bull end mills in a 1/8" shank size.

Maybe check these people out - CNC Router Bits - Industrial CNC Tooling from Amana Tool - Products

Doesn’t appear that they have bull (corner radius) end mill bits for a 1/8” shank.

Amana makes great bits buts they’re definitely on the high end as far as price.

I’ve been very happy with the bits I’ve gotten from here: Corner Radius End mills | Lakeshore Carbide Thread Mills & End Mills
Mostly used them for their long bits, but I did get one of their 1/4" corner mills:

Whiteside also makes really good bits that are in a mid price point but really perform well. Really good value. I usually purchase them from here: Whiteside Machine Cove Nose Spirals Solid Carbide 2-Flute Archives - Edge of Arlington Saw & Tool, Inc.
I’ve been using their router bits for regular woodworking for ages.


Again, they seem to stop at 1/4" shanks.

You can change the collet

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Good to know. How much more strain on the 200W motor in the Artisan would a 1/4" bit cause?

Artisan should have no problem with 1/4".

The SM350 which is much less capable has no problems with them.

Can always slow down and reduce step-down. If the cutting diameter is 1/8" and you’re just talking a 1/4" shaft, it’s no difference.

The one caveat being on deep cuts where the bit is contacting two sides of the material at the same time. Then I find with hardwood that 10-12mm is the deepest I can cut without having to make multiple passes where it cuts inside and outside paths.


For the Australians out there, I recently purchased from Adam’s Bits, they had plenty of options in stock from single flute carbides, all the way up to HRC55 coated bits.

The ER11 collet can handle up to 6mm or 1/4" off the top of my head. I recently had a 6mm x 22mm x 50mm 4-flute carbide in the CNC and it performed quite nicely

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Just a follow-up: I ordered from The Carbide End Mill Store and received the mills within a week. They worked great for my intended purpose. I can recommend them.

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