CNC Add-on kits?

Like I guess many people I bought a 3-D print only Snapmaker 2.0 and separate 10W laser module and bed because I did not want the original lower power laser module. But I would now like to add the CNC module and bed and for some reason the module is not available separately at least in the Non-EU, Non-US store. Is this just an oversight or is there some reason for not making it available as an add-on in the same way as the laser and 3-D print modules?

Huh, interesting, can’t find it either - perhaps write Snapmaker support? They seem to send out basically any part as a spare upon request.
Or get it at a 3rd party seller like this:

Thanks, I bought the Toolhead and sacrificial bed from 3D Jake. Bizarrely this did not come with the collet or collet nut neither of which the shop stocked! I was able to source these on Amazon however, and to fashion hold-down clamps from standard woodworking parts and hardware also from Amazon.

I’m in the same boat. I just ordered the module from 3djake. Would you mind sending me the link to the collet and nut?

Sure, these are UK links, but basically the keyword is ER11:

(ER11 Collet Nut)

(Set of Collets)

(Collet Spanners: Two required)


(Replacement studding to fit waste board)

(Thumb nuts to fit studding)

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