CNC collet and nut spare part


I start buying a F350 and now I ordered the CNC module after on. But it was delivered without any drill, collet or nut.
I had a look for the information provided by snapmaker and had a look for the EU shop. So there are no buyable spare parts on snapmaker directly. And most items I found have a bad quality.
Is there any shop or part to get the things I need to CNC?
The advertising was “First buy a F350 - you can upgrade it later on.” But that’s not as easy as I thought.

You can find an ER11-A nut and collet on Amazon or other online shop pretty cheap. The ones that come with the snapmaker are an ER11-A nut, and a 3.175mm ER11 Collet. Sadly, you never really can tell the quality you get online. Emailing snapmaker support might be your best bet on acquiring them.

That’s a manufacturer defect. It should come with collet and collet nut, although maybe not any cutting tools.

I asked snapmaker and the shop where I got the cnc module how to get the collet and nut.
Otherwise I will order few of them cheap on the Internet and test their quality. Maybe I will find a nice one.

If you order through Amazon just check their return policy. As long as you can return easily you can try and send back if they’re not good. The usual problem with cheap is quality control. 1 out of 10 may be bad. Return til you get a good one.

While you’re ordering collets you should get a set of various sizes for various size shanks.


The problem with this advice is that the testing gear to determine if they’re good is far more than buying a reputable brand of collet. The biggest problems with cheap collets is poor run-out, which really matters when running small diameter cutting tools. Testing this requires a known-good collet chuck in a rotating spindle and a test indicator. It might be possible to test this using the spindle in the CNC work head, but the price of good test indicator is more than a good collet set.

I guess it depends on the tolerances one is okay with. I was meaning more if there are obvious manufacturing defects.

And there are easy ways to test and see if a bit or collet is performing to one’s needs even without any test equipment. Or with just a digital caliper.

Maybe I got lucky with the set I got on ebay, but even with a .5mm bit I find no problems with runout. Any runout is far less than the accuracy of the SM itself.

With SM’s track record for QC it’s not like a cheap collet is going to be any less trustable than the one supplied.

I am working a lot with “real routers”. And just the cullet and nut for my festool costs about 10x more than it should be here with the er11 I found.
I fear about losing or broken cutter. But I will test it.
Snapmaker confirmed that there is no official spare part for this but they try to organize one for me.

There was a thread on the SM FB about some spare collets and nuts someone found that might help you:

(not sure if that link works)
Here are the links he posted:


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