Clump all over nozzle area

Started long print. And when I went to check on it. The nozzle area was covered with a very hard clump of PLA. Tried to heat it up but the readings on the nozzle show -30 and it does not heat up… How do I get the clump off ?

try to restart your machine and then increase the temp

if that does not work, you may need to remove the hotend and check the wires

once its hot, it will come right off.

have you preformed a firmware update yet by chance?

Problem is that the wires are covered with pla… and the unit wont heat… or at lease it says -30 and does not change… … is does not seem to be heating.

And yes I am on the latest firmware

Sounds like you leak internally?

Can you get the hot end out to take some photos?

Got the gunk off with blow dryer… but I also noticed something rattling around inside the 3D printing unit… I took off one end plate and found a transister rolling rounds… I have no idea what to do now. Here are some pictures.

It looks like the gap of where it goes…

Sorry for multiple replies… but it is missing one terminal… so even if I had some skills there is no way to put it back on …

Are you handy with a soldering iron? I can get you a replacement part number… Otherwise best to buy a whole new head.

It’s one of these but I’m not sure the dimensions. You would need to know if it’s 8x10.2mm or 10x10.2mm. Looks like 8mm, but that’s just a guess. Would also need to check the pad hasn’t been ripped off the PCB.

Thats a capacitor - great shi…
It looks very bad, there only support can help I think.
I am with you!

Email and tell them that that this occured, mention that you had a leakage in the hotend from the factory installation.

Unless of course you fiddled with the heatbreak or nozzle on the hotend yourself

Thanks for all your help… I sent support and email… Will they replace the 3D printer module as part of warranty ? or will it cost me ? How much do you think… or if you have the part number for that capacitor maybe I could find somebody who is good with soldering Iron. Having fun so far designing stuff on IronCAD and then printing them and downloading others. Going to try the laser and CNC as soon as I get it vented out of basement. Stay safe…

The printhead is about 119$ shipping 14$

I can’t say for sure they will replace it, but I would imagine they would. There seems to be a known issue with how the hotends were assembled if I recall correctly.

The nozzles were bottoming out against the aluminum block instead of the inside of the heatbreak which can cause a leak.

I do not know how widespread this issue is, but it has happened to me on two separate hotends. I was able to fix them though.

I purchased a spare 3d module. I have a list of some of the part prices here: