Nozzle clogged and broke when trying to clean it

Hi all,

We have only printed about 12 things. This morning I got up to run a job and everything looked fine. I hit start and walked away. I figured I would check on it in a couple of minutes.

Well, it was apparently clogged and became a mess. I looked at cleaning methods. I turned the nozzle heat on and successfully removed a good portion of the clog…and 2 of the wires controlling the nozzle.

Well, I’m glad I have the second nozzle, but should I have done something different? I mean, I don’t think I pulled too hard, it just kinda peeled off. Then I was confused where those wires actually were supposed to go. I didn’t realize until I pulled out the other nozzle to check it out.


Yeah so these are issues that are very common with the machine.

those wires that came out are just a thermistor, you can reinsert it into the hole. its job is to provide a temperature reading back to the controller and its just like a little sensor.

they recently changed the design to make those wires a bit longer to help avoid that from happening.

if you can find some nonconductive thermal compound such as boron nitride it will help to hold it in place.

also, if you had leaking inside your print head, its because the hotend wasnt assembled right at the factory.

the brass nozzle cannot bottom out against the aluminum block. instead it must bottom out against the metal tube, which is known as a heatbreak.

so you may need to thread your heatbreak in further then tighten the nozzle

otherwise there is a gap that can overtime begin to leak, which is a stupid problem to have on a new part but… it is what it is.

also, there are long needles for nozzles out there that you can use to kind of pick at the nozzle, they can help you by feeding thru the nozzle to open the path back up, but it doesnt always get rid of everything. search on amazon for 3d printing cleaning needles or somethng.

alot of them are a bit on the short side, the longer ones are easier. you have a .4mm nozzle so thats the size you want. having one .35mm is also kinda nice so u can get it thru then break it up to get the bigger one in if its really bad.

dont use the snapmaker filament that came with the machine too.

Well, the nozzle leaked and the holes for the wires are blocked.

Why not use the filament that came with it?


Heard from different corners of the forum that this filament is of low quality. Personaly i havn’t had any problems with it.