Cleaning around Hot End question

So I’ve been having some issues with printing these last few days, it doesn’t seem like the filament is flowing smoothly. So I take off the head and I’m loosing the hot end to clean the nozzle and surround area and I’m seeing all this white stuff around the hot end. I’m wondering is this supposed to be here because it’s providing some thermal insulation or is it likely just filament that’s gotten all melted up in there?

yea so thats a filament leak

what happened is the hotends were assembled wrong at the factory

first, heat up the hotend to get the material off

then loosen the nozzle and thread in the heatbreak a bit more (the steel tube)

then you can tighten the nozzle, so that it bottoms out on the heatbreak instead of the aluminum block

this creates a proper seal to prevent leakage.

as far as i know you cant overthread the heatbreak, it bottoms out at some point anyhow.

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