3D module clean-up

Hello everyone,

A couple of times my 3D module slipped and created a bubble so to speak with filament. Now that I need to change it, I noticed there is some stuck filament on the edges. Any suggestions on how to clean this up?

Heat it up, or use a heat gun, and get a pick to pick it off. Like a dentist pick or a screwdriver or whatever.

Shouldnt be too bad.

You may have a leaky heatbreak. Make sure the brass nozzle bottoms out on the steel tube threaded into the aluminum block, and not the aluminum block itself.

Thank you for the tip. What do you think about ethyl acetate, Propylene Carbonate, or 99% Isopropyl Alcohol for the hard to reach areas? This seemed to happen in a circumstance similar to this article. When the first layer after the raft or brim went to go down and it ended up getting squashed in there and I didn’t find out until later.

I got out the hot finally and this taught me I need to watch the prints more closely and to verify the level and extrusion once I get it cleaned up and together again.

Yeah, you def. had a leaky heatbreak. The brass nozzle needs to bottom out of that steel tube or the threads can leak over time, and they were coming from the factory like that for awhile.

Another blob-warped fan vent! Now I don’t feel so bad about when the same thing happened to mine. I think this is the fourth one posted, but I may have missed some.