Christmas Ornament Series

A series of Christmas Ornaments for friends, family and coworkers. Made using the rotary module, material is from play stilts that my kids outgrew :slight_smile:

See my Instagram feed for videos of the ornaments and fabrication process: @davemakesstuffbc


These are beautifully done. How long did it take you to turn one of these? What did you finish each one with?

Thanks! I did a roughing pass with 3.175mm flat end mill that took about 4.5hrs, then a finishing pass with the straight groove carving bit that too about 6hrs. All done on Luban. I’m just learning the ropes, so went with slower speeds, but it’s possible that someone with more experience might go faster!

Thanks! I am not yet ready to pull the trigger on the purchase of the rotary add-on, I am still waiting for my 10W laser addition. But the sort of thing that you show here is the sort of thing that I would like to do.