First pass at a Christmas Ornament

I plan to finish this in acrylic but (thankfully) did a first pass using one of the MDF sheets. Didn’t come out too bad though it could use some clean up and I broke it a little bit trying to remove it (didn’t account for the double-sided tape when I set the start location) and I think I need to go back and enlarge the “2020” font, it’s a bit too thin.


looks great!

Took me a while to find the 2020. Yeah, a little thin.


Looks great! Which bit did you use to get those sharp angles?

1/32" flat end mill.

Here’s what that piece looked like when I cut it out of acrylic. Couldn’t actually finish the ornaments because I started a bit late and couldn’t get any clear cast acrylic in the couple days before Christmas.
The plan was to put a clear acrylic piece on the front and back with some glitter in the open gaps.


I like it that way. Which program did you use to design the file? And did you Cnc with luban or fusion?

I kind of like it too, but the black against the dark green of the Christmas tree kind of disappears :slight_smile:

What I did to make it was find this piece of vector art online:

Then in Adobe Illustrator, I lifted out the three big ornaments, added the year and saved it out as an svg file:

Which I then brought into Carbide Create to make the gcode.


Ok. Thank you for explaining your solution!
I will try that

Adobe Illustrator is awesome

But it is not cheap

Inkscape is a free alternative for vector art if you don’t have the adobe suite and is a good place to start, vector art is very powerful but works quite differently than other types of pictures

Because of the kind of year 2020 was, I couldn’t get the cast clear acrylic I needed to finish my Christmas ornaments until yesterday… better late than never I guess. Big lesson learned, being an engineer does not confer any skill whatsoever with glue and glitter :slight_smile:


Very nice work there, that is some sharp cutting!

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Those look awesome and I wanted to share mine! I laser cut this out of 3mm plywood.